Beer Advent Calendar: Day 13


Yards Rye

ABV: 6.2%
Style: IPA

Reactions and Insights
I’m not big on “Rye PAs” because they’re maltier than regular IPAs. This is just fine but I just want to strip out some of the maltiness.

Would I drink a case of it? 
Nup. (I’m trying to come up with new ways to say no.)

OK, but would I drink a six-pack of it?

Did it contribute to my holiday spirit?
I’ve been trying to catch up by drinking while I work, but it just makes me sleepy and unfocused and I have to reread my emails four times to make sure I’m not leaving out words or telling anyone I love them by accident. Anyway, this one didn’t bring holiday cheer, but that’s okay — there are 11 more to go!

Beth’s Grade

Objective Grade

Label Notes
It’s nice. The word Rye is rendered like it would be in an old storybook; the letters are branches, and behind them are stalks of barley. And I like the colors. I would like to have a front door in either that shade of red or blue. But it’s not totally coming together for me, just like the beer inside. 6/10


  1. I’m a little surprised by your review. I think what I like about Rye IPAs is that they are maltier. I guess regular IPAs don’t have enough malt for my tastes? Dad is a huge fan of this beer.

  2. Well, I’m being overly picky in these reviews. If it were in the fridge at the shore, every third beer I’d drink would be one of these. But in general I like a very small amount of maltiness.


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